Cookietown was the result of a dream that founder, Alan C. Woods, had some 10 years ago.

Mr. Woods was a production manufacturer for a gourmet gift company for 18 years.  Cookies were one of the main components of those gifts at that time.  Christmas season was one of the company’s busiest times.  Starting right after Thanksgiving weekend they would work every day 12 to 14 hours a day until Christmas Eve.  As cookies were being produced, they would literally be stacked to the ceiling of a three story building.  With some 20 pieces of equipment and 75 people on his shift alone, Mr. Woods had his hands full.  After what seemed to be one of the longest nights of his career, Mr. Woods went home and collapsed on the couch not even making it to bed.  This is how Mr. Woods entered into what is now known as Cookietown.

Walking down what he thought was a dirt road only to find out later that the road was made of chocolate and everything in Cookietown was eatable.  Well, as he continued to walk, he felt someone or something was watching him.  He kept walking and when he looked back, there they stood a group of big round heads that looked like people far off.  As they got closer, he could tell something was different.  Their approach became faster and faster.  Well, Mr. Woods wasn’t taking a chance to find out what they wanted and began to run.  The faster he ran the closer it seemed the cookie people got.  Just before they caught him, he woke up.  Needless to say, the cookie people didn’t catch him, however, they did capture his mind from that night forth and so Cookietown was born.

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