1 The Sun is 333,000 times the size of the Earth, you can fit 1.4 million Earths in the Sun.

2 The deepest part of any Ocean is 2.29 miles, based on satellite data.

3 The fastest animal in the world is the Cheetah at 70 mph.

4 The largest land animal is the African Bush Elephant, they can grow to stand 13 feet high and weigh in at 8 tons.

5 The Blue Whale is the biggest whale and it's the only living animal that lived in the prehistoric times.

6 The tallest living tree stands 367 feet and 6 inches, the tree is a Mendocino Tree.

7 There are 6,697,254,041 people on Earth and counting.

8 The Kilauea Volcano is one of the most active on Earth, located on the Hawaiian Island.

9 The largest city in the world by population is Tokyo, Japan with 28,025,000 people.

10 The world largest snake is an Anaconda at 27 feet.



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