Sheriff Chocolate Chip says;
“Don’t talk to strangers without your parents or guardian”

Ms. Sugar says;
“Do the very best you can in school and read”

Doc Wafer says;
“Eat a balanced meal and get plenty of sleep”

Nurse Cookie says;
“Always wash your hands, brush your teeth, and take plenty of baths”

Mrs. Oatmeal Raisin says;
“Save your pennies, they turn into dollars”

Mayor Butterscotch says;
“Treat all people fair and with respect”

Pea, Nut and Butter says;
“Put yourself in the place of others and try to understand how they are feeling”

Mac A. Damia says;
“Explore all the beauties of the world”

Ginger Snapp says;
“By respecting all women you are respecting all mothers”

Short Bread says;
“Learn to appreciate the differences that we all have”

Deputy Snickerdoodle says;
“Learn from your mistakes because we all make them”









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